27 March 2011


I'm attending group counseling sessions a few times a month. They're ok. I don't like to talk, but it seems listening to others is helping me because I've only purged twice and had a handful of binges since starting. I am up to 150, which I still feel is a terrible weight for me, but I'm trying not to obsess about it. It's impossible for me not to notice the extra fat, but I'm doing my best to keep my head reasonable about it. Teacher and I are still in love, and I won't lie, it surprises me everyday that someone loves me for exactly who I am. I can't explain how shockingly different that kind of love feels. Sorry I've been absent, I'm still trying to adjust to everything that is going on and find balance with all this change. Hope everyone is doing well, I hate that I'm missing out on your lives while trying to figure out my own, but I do hope to be back to regular blogging soon.