13 January 2011


Usually the absence of a blogger is one of two things, life is incredibly awesome and you find yourself too busy living it to blog or life is so out of control and your eating habits suck & you just can't seem to bring yourself to write it all out and admit to it.

My absence is both...

I'm happy - ecstatically, ridiculously overjoyed with life.

reasons I'm happy:
I LOVE being a single mom (yes, I'm only a single mom 60% of my time, but maybe that's partly why I get to love it so much?)
I'm quitting a job I hate.
I'm going back to school.
I'm seeing a man I really like. (who also treats me incredibly well)
I'm having great sex. lots of it...

I am also ridiculously out of control:

I'm not eating only vegan foods.
I can't seem to stop eating.
I'm purging one meal a day.
It's fucking cold outside and I'm being lazy. I can't seem to drag myself out from under a comforter long enough to do yoga, let alone make it to the gym.
& as a result, I'm pudgy... again.

I need to balance my life better, so here are my steps to getting my weight back under control:
1. stop purging, it's just a lame excuse to overeat and it only encourages more eating. stop it. stop it right now.
2. get my ass to the gym.
3. have more sex...because that makes everything better.


Ana said...

:] I'm happy to hear you're happy! And I'm sure you'll be back on track soon. You're just indulging in life for a while. Congratulations!

K said...

i've alwys wondered about single mom's and dating. does teacher care that you have a kid? i mean obviously not since you've been seeing each other for a while.. does it come into play at all?

Jamie said...

Heyyyyy biotch. Haha finally made it back to blogger....haha. I TOTALLY agree with your "two reasons of absence." those are always mine!! hahah love you!