23 May 2011


So, I won't lie...I'm a little tipsy right now, some might call it drunk, but I have to put these thoughts out there somehow. I can't share it with friends because I don't want them to worry...

I feel so torn with Teacher, I can't tell if I'm in love or am I just happy someone loves me?

How do I know the difference?

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kazehana said...

How much do you want to know about him?

My personal gauge of whether I really love someone or not is how much I want to know about them. If I want to know EVERYTHING and feel like I need to memorize every detail about them, I'm IN love.

If I just sort of...don't mind knowing whatever they don't mind telling me, it's friendship level affection and not head over heels in love.

Everyone is different, though. My ex used to say you knew a guy really loves you if he'll give you the last bite of a food he really likes. ;p

Just take a deep breath and think about whether your thoughts throughout the day sort of naturally turn to him without you really trying; that's usually a sign of someone's importance in your life. If you only think of them when they reach out to you first, then I'd say it's not love...yet?

In the meantime, don't over think it.