02 February 2011


I like when the scale goes down, it makes me happy.

I made dinner last night for the teacher, it was healthy & delicious...(a little) whole wheat pasta, spinach, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes all tossed with a garlic/oil mix. Under 300 calories for my serving, he at the other 500 or so...not that I was counting or anything.

Last night teacher told me he'd put on some weight since we started seeing each other. Guess we're both happy & comfortable with each other, damn you new relationship weight gain! He said he was 'all the way up to' 163...fuck I feel too fat for him...


MadelinaCooke said...

That sounds like a great meal! I think you're doing great :) You're amaying! Really.

zen said...

Haha! How lovely 163 once felt to us.
That dinner sounds absolutely delish.


Anonymous said...

Your meal sounds yummy. I think more like the teacher has finally has someone to cook for him regularly and the would mean weight gain.