08 January 2012


Currently reading Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World.

One part made me laugh out loud, not because it was particularly funny, but on a personal level I thought it was worthy of a chuckle.

When I was younger graham crackers were one of my first trigger foods. I could easily eat an entire box in one sitting. I still don't keep them in the house and I'm fairly certain it's been five years since my last graham cracker. Anyway, Sylvester Graham, a presbyterian minister invented the graham cracker. He also publicly attacked overeating as a form of overstimulation, which would lead to other sinful behaviors. Oh my!

but can't argue with that. I'm a glutton. I also exhibit other sins on a daily basis, such as lust, greed, sloth & envy.

But who cares, I prefer my box of graham crackers empty & my bed full ;)

1 comment:

tracy said...

Ha, ha, i love the irony!

When i was little i used to love graham crackers and home made frosting...yum! And until they recently disappeared, i Loved those "Dunka-Roo's". i guess i should be glad they are gone!

Sounds like a really good book!

i, too have many vices!