21 April 2011


Finally, some progress on the scale.

If I stay focused and committed, I could be under 140 again by Mother's Day and at my lowest before the end of May.

Diuretics will be purchased today.

My current eating & workout:

am yoga
b. protein shake
s. cucumbers
l. salad (if anything)
s. broccoli
d. lean protein
pm run
& ab work whenever & however many times a day I can squeeze it in

I'm trying not to mix food groups when I eat, the idea that digestion works better when your body only has one type of food to breakdown is in my head right now...maybe crazy, but at least it's keeping me from overeating.


Africana said...

Congrats on the scale movement. Hang in there! Not mixing food groups is a good idea. Did you read about that somewhere?


Jamie said...

CONGRATS!!! We knew you could do it! ;)

Stay focused, your diet and workout seem like a good start. Dont let love make you FAT!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Great job :)

mechaeng said...

I'm glad you're back Kelly. Glad your well.
Happy Easter.