19 April 2011


grrr..still only down 1lb

It's obviously time to start running again. I've become so lazy in the last year that the idea of running just a few miles exhausts me, oh how I miss the days where I ran 5 miles almost everyday...

First step, purchased new running shoes yesterday.
Second step, get them on my feet & get my fat ass outside.
Third step, run & stop being fat.

Beach trip coming up with the Teacher, ewww bathing suits, but yay! for a fun getaway for just the two of us :)


zette said...

i love running. i have to break sometimes from it because of my knees though. i used to run 4-5 miles a day, back when that was the only workout i got. now i'm awfully slack about it. cheers for the beach trip. i hope it's a blast. stay strong, doll.

Jamie said...

I used to love working out and have found myself fallen into the same lazyness as you dear. Stay strong and have fun on your vaca - he loves you no matter what. <3