13 April 2011


I'm sick of being at this weight, time to do something about it. Picked up supplies today at the store, protein shakes mineral water smart water bottles green tea senna tea vitamins, multi & B-12 I'm determined to lose weight


drink me. said...

I've been thinking about getting a B-12 supplement! If it's not asking for too much info, I'd love to know what benefits you've seen from it :)
And good luck!

Mia H said...

loads of luck!

efflorescentwings said...

i just wanted to tell you i'm starting off were you did and you are doing amazing. you are an inspiration for me.
you are beautiful

Jamie said...

Isnt it wonderful how love makes you FAT AS HELL??

Good luck to you! I'm always here for you! Email me! I'm re-activating my FB today! (Long story, lol) I'm dying to hear how things are with the boy!!