16 April 2011


Spent some quality time with the Teacher last night, it was definitely needed after the terrible week I've had dealing with the ex. First we went to a wine bar then met up with some of his friends at a club downtown. I planned to be the dd to keep my drinking calories low, unfourtunately I may have not calculated the fact that I only ate a small lunch and so the 3 or 4 drinks I did have had a huge impact on me and I was pretty drunk by 11...whoops. it was still a great night and we arranged another ride home.

My ex has been suffering from a severe episode of depression for the last few weeks (he has bipolar disorder) and has threatened suicide several times. I'm working on gaining full custody of our son because I'm concerned how these episodes are affecting him. It is so incredibly stressful & unfourtunately expensive. My savings account is empty and I'm barely making ends meet as it is. Maybe if I'm poor I'll stop eating entirely and at least be thin...


EmptyShell said...

I'm sorry to hear about your ex, it sucks when there are kids involved and stuff like that happens.

I hope the custody hearing goes well for you.

~Nessa~ said...

You're so strong, I know you'll come out on top. I'm sending waves of positivity your way!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you have loads on your plate.
keep strong.