10 December 2010


Holy fucking shit


holy shit

...I have no words


zette said...

that's down from 134, right? i just woke up. bear with me. to answer your question, i don't watch glee. i've seen an episode or two though. should i? everybody who watches it adores it. but fat girls do have a way of ruining things. blah. stay strong, little lady. you're amazing&i look forward to your comments. ferrealz.

katherynthegreat@blogspot.com said...

Wow. I'm insanely jealous and enlisting in the ranks of the coffee-drinkers.

mechaeng said...

Whoot! <3

Raynay said...

HOT MAMA drop them lbs girl

Miana said...

lol i can't tell if this is a positive or pessimist post...either way look at where you've come from!! you've done soooooooooo well i'm speechless.
we love youuuu
we will be beautiful!!!

R Harlow B said...

132 is good!


Moonlight Mistress (formerly Piglet) said...


Ana said...

^_^ congrats

tracy said...

Yesssss!!! Yay, you are amazing, gooooo girl! : )

"You're getting your weird back!" :) (In a very good way!)

formerly Piglet...i missed you soooo much!

Glee Oh, yeah, baby..."...it's cold outside". ;)