01 December 2010


If only I could get away with wearing a full body suit - or my wet suit...

The part that really sucks about feeling like the fat girl, but not actually being the fat girl is that everyone comments and thinks it's strange if the thin girl wears a tshirt. No one ever comments on the whale in the tshirt - ever, but I guess that's how I know I'm not actually grotesque in a swim suit, I only feel that I am.

So, last night I stood in front of the mirror in my bathing suit for an hour and I tried to find myself less disgusting in it...

it didn't work.

Also, I just received an email of the menu for the weekend - holy fatty foods batman! - Wonder what teacher will think if I decide to go vegan again, especially if the vegan kick only lasts the weekend...


zette said...

nothing wrong with a vegan weekend. mirror sessions don't do me any good anymore either. at least the scale doesn't lie to us, right? right. anyway, stay strong little lady.

désespérée de maigrir said...

You know I'm always in support of any bit of veganism (being a vegan myself). Now would be a perfect time to try to re-commit to it.

I'm sure you look lovely, don't be so hard on yourself. You're going to have a great time this weekend.

Mich said...

Vegan is a good legitimate excuse. Sensitive stomach is a good one too. I've finally got everyone I know believing that I have a really sensitive tummy, and therefore cannot eat anything. Works wonders for parties and going out to restaurants.


Anonymous said...

bet you don't look nearly as "bad" as you think you do. wear that bathing suit with confidence and no one will think anything of it. oh boy. fatty foods temptation for a week. that will be rough! do your best.

Anonymous said...

Veganism ftw! Or you could say you're doing a detox? People love that excuse, it's so common and acceptable these days.

I hope the disparity between what you see and what the world sees sorts itself out. I have a hunch that you're totally gorgeous. :)


b. said...

You can just say that you've had too many fatty foods during the week and you want to keep your diet balanced? Or maybe you want to "try out" vegan again over the weekend!

I'm glad you can realize you're not fat even though you feel big. Good job, my dear.

Stay strong and beautiful!