30 November 2010


I don't know about the rest of you, but meeting new girls always makes me nervous. I haven't met anyone that is going on the trip this weekend and I just found out it's 4 girls and one other couple. To deal with my anxiety about it I may have facebook stalked them all to determine if I would indeed be the fattest chick there and sadly it's undetermined - come on ladies, you need to stop putting multiple people in your profile pictures because I want to believe the fat girl is you, but I'm pretty sure you're the skinny brunette....

Do you know what happens when I start to panic about my weight?


know what follows the binge?


What triggered all of this you may wonder? a stupid hot tub at the mountain house. It's fucking winter kids, can't I keep a baggy sweater on?!?

My menial coping skills just aren't fighting through this panic, & I need to know what to do? I don't want to 'forget' my suit and look like a flake, but I also don't think I'll be able to make it through the week without more b/p episodes.



Gina said...

I had a hot tub incident not so long ago, similar scenario. I just didn't go in. Nosy people were told a graphic fictitious story about hemorrhaging endometriosis and how they just don't make tampons like they used to.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not you are the thinnest gal in the room, it is most helpful to focus on what you can contribute to the group. think about admirable qualities. And wear your favorite shirt!

kazehana said...

aww, well I work at a camp during the summers and sometimes in the off season as well during the holidays and that means being a swimsuit every day, no exceptions.

to cope with that, I wear a full body racing suit like they rock at the olympics. they cost the same as a bikini on swimoutlet.com and I wear one that covers me from collar bones to ankle bones. lol

the greatest part about the full body suit is that it compresses everything so there's ZERO jiggle (the suit comes out of the package looking like it wouldn't fit a five year old, but believe me, the stretch is incredible) and your body looks android level sleek.

I'm told by my camp coworkers that it's oddly sexy given the amount of skin NOT showing, so yeah.

that's my only suggestion coz as far as being comfortable in situations with new people, I got nuthin.

good luck and godspeed!

Mich said...

Kazehana's got the best idea, I think. I found this awesome bathing suit in Macy's last summer--it was fitted around the waist and looked like a corset almost. made me look fabulous! And you could wear shorts over it.
Or just say it's too friggin cold to go in the hot tub! It's almost December for crying out loud. I'm getting cold just thinking about getting into a hot tub in December.

Just try and focus on all the potential fun you could have on the trip. :-* Hope you make it through the week ok!!