05 November 2010


b. 120, kix+coffee
s. 70, banana
l. 210, veggie wrap
s. 100, pumpkin seeds
s. 50, apple
d. 1,235,978, s'mores cheesecake + alcohol

I spent last night listing reasons I am awesome - I'm going to try and start believing them since I realize I am absolutely in a better place this year than I was last, so I'm looking forward to tonight with some wonderful friends, and of course a few too many bottles of wine.

Happy Birthday to me!


amy said...

happy birthday darling! i know this year will be incredible and i'm so glad to hear that you're in a positive place. best of wishes!
amy x

Mich said...


You ARE awesome. I bet that's a pretty long list.

tracy said...

Have a wonderful Birthday, lovely one!

Awesome chica!

118 or bust! said...


I hope you have an amazing day today!

Vanessa said...

*does a happy birthday dance*

Have a wonderful day!!
Thank you for being so awesome.

zette said...

i'll bet your list is true. if so it must be hella long. stay strong, little lady, &happiest of days to you.

MyNameIsMellon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!!!!!!! Remember that you are awesome, you are wonderful, you are beautiful! Don't ever forget that! Don't let life get you down. =D
<3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!! Please have a good time and enjoy it, you deserve it!

Xo-glass-slippers-oX said...

I hope you have a fantastic dat!
Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

you are awesome. you're strong and brave and you make me smile. happy birthday!

Mia H said...

happy birthday! you are awesome! keep believing

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!!