24 November 2010


So who would like to start making bets that this is where I completely fuck up my eating and I starting gaining back up to 140?

'cause that is definitely my pattern for... what? the last year & a half or so? maybe 2+ I just fluctuate between 135-145.

I'm excited to be down to 135 again, but pretty much terrified that this is where I always seem to lose momentum and/or to hit a road block.

Do you see the road block this time? It's Thanksgiving & then Christmas, fucking holiday food...

b. 1/2 buttered bagel + coffee
l. adderall + sparkling water
d. beer?


K said...

1) can you send me some adderall please :) pretty please. with a cherry on top
2) UMMMM is it not sad that I've had an EDNOS since like... 16 (8 years!!!!!) and that I weight pretty much the same as I started???? Maybe even gained
3) Holidays suck. But we'll just remember that food in the mouth means fat on the stomach, hip, thigh, upper arm...

b. said...

Just prepare yourself for the holidays! My block is 152, I can't seem to get any lower... Just try to exercise and keep your food intake varied. I know you can do this!


Emily said...

My block is 141. Close enough to 140 to be excited, close enough to a new weight range to get super excited. But I keep hanging around 141-142. Ugh. On Thanksgiving I plan on focusing on veggies and turkey and stuff, and only very small amounts, if any, of the carby buttery stuff, like dinner rolls, potatoes, stuffing, etc. Try to focus on white meat turkey breast, squash, vegetables (unfortunately, that delicious green bean casserole with cream of mushroom soup in it probably doesn't count as a vegetable...)

Its probably impossible to avoid an annual feast, but fortunately, a feast allows you to pick and choose what you want. You can treat yourself to a meal with your family, but just try to focus on the leanest, least caloric parts of it.

(Unless your family cooks like my mother does, in which case EVERYTHING has butter in it...ugh.)

Either way, good luck. A binge on mashed potatoes isn't the end of the world, either.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Kandie said...

I was stuck at 162 for years, then stuck at 132 for a year and a half, now I'm stuck at 122. It's so fucking frustrating. Luckily thanksgiving for Canadians was last month, and it's not a big deal for my family. This Xmas is going to be horrid though. You'll make it through.

R Harlow B said...

ahh the golden 135! I too have a weight that I become ambiguous at... its like yeah, this is good then you kind of settle in and forget the bigger picture :s


~Nessa~ said...

You guys should just switch to Canadian Thanksgiving.... it would give you 2 months in between holidays.

amy said...

work extra hard to make sure the only way you go is down love!! think of how awesome it will feel :)
stay strong x

Abbie said...

omg...i would kill to get some adderall...where did you get it?