21 November 2010


Last night hot teacher invited me over so he could cook dinner for me & honestly I'm still baffled by this part of the evening. I have never had a man actually cook for me - sure my husband dumped contents of jars, bags or boxes into pans, but this guy prepared an entire meal from scratch for me while I watched. He didn't want my help, he just poured me a drink and we listened to music and talked while he worked. It was weird, but kind of nice & an added bonus the meal he prepared was delicious & vegetarian. After we went out for drinks & dancings - he loves to dance & is a great dancer - I on the other hand am just a girl who knows how to shake her ass well, but I'm pretty sure he still had a good time since we stayed until 2am. Of course the night ended at his place, it was late, I was a little drunk so I stayed the night - we fooled around for a few hours, but that was all, no sex. This morning on my little 'walk of shame' out the door, he asked when he could see me again. I only have a bit of a hangup about seeing him again anytime soon because although he says he isn't looking for a girlfriend, I'm pretty sure he is. What do you think? See him again, or no?

*Obviously this little part of my evening is only funny because nothing bad happened: before I drove over to his house I sent a picture of him, his address & phone number to a friend of mine (just in case) & how amazing is my friend? he saved the info as 'Kelly's Potential SVU Case File'.


Gina said...

Clearly define your boundaries and have a good time. :)

EmptyShell said...

lol, your friend for the win

Mich said...

I think you should go out with him again. --he sounds like a fun guy. Like Gina said, clearly set up some boundaries. It kind of works if he doesn't want a girlfriend (or says he doesn't). You guys can take it slow and see where it goes. <3

margg. said...

this sounds like fun.

tracy said...

"Kelly's Potential SUV File". Hee, i love this guy! :)

b. said...

Your friend is awesome! haha that's really funny.

I think you should totally see him again. He respects you way more than sexy 40 year old guy. Actually cooked dinner from scratch? That means he's trying to impress you and realizes you're worth it. You don't have to be his girlfriend to have a good time and feel great about yourself! Let us know what happens!

Stay strong and beautiful, love,

tracy said...

"SUV"? ummmmm, make that "SVU".........doh!

So happy for you...keep having fun!!!!!