08 November 2010


b. ?, 3 grapes
s. 0, coke zero
l. 160, .5 bean burrito
s. 70, banana
d. 200, vegan corndog + broccoli

I had the worst hangover ever after the birthday celebration Friday night. I haven't stayed in bed after 8 am since I was 18, I'm just kind of an early bird, but Saturday I didn't roll out of bed until 3pm and even then I wasn't sure I was actually alive.

Looks like the company I work for will be out of business by Spring 2011 and I'm pretty sure they are going to fire me before Christmas (because this place hates paying out unemployment benefits) I've decided it's ok for 2 reasons, 1- I wouldn't need to live off unemployment since I already know I have 2 part time jobs waiting for me (that they will cover my bills) and 2 - I fucking hate this job anyway and the idea of moving on makes me really happy.

I even looked into going back to school again & registration starts on the 15th!

Because, really, is there anything better than a complete overhaul on your life to really jump start a new beginning?


zette said...

boo for planning on being fired but cheers for being so fucking mature about it. going to school might be fun. do you know what you'd go for?? hm..i'm out of coke zero. stay strong, little lady.

VictoriaCrimson said...

Perfect reason to start over!!! Booo shit about working. But at least you get to bury that crap after Christmas. Weeeerk it, girl! :]


Lilah Lee said...

Yay for staying positive!!

You'll get through this with no problems :)
You're lucky you have those two part time jobs!

Hey a new job can be added to your new start in your new house right??

Good luck!!


Mia H said...

new beginnings are always good! especially since you got rid of the realtionship you were unhappy about, why not get rid of the job that you are also unhappy about? get rid of it all and start again - sounds pretty good to me