23 November 2010


Interesting articles on Google News today about how some women are oblivious to their actual weight. Some women can't see how overweight they actually are and some normal/underweight women perceive themselves as fat.

I try every single day to convince myself that I am not as fat as I think I am. My BMI is in the normal range and I am, by most people's standards, slim. This research simply tells me that my body image is no more fucked up than anyone else because it seems nearly half of us are incapable of accurately seeing what is in the mirror.

b. adderall
l. sparkling water
d. playdate+dinner :(


Anonymous said...

not surprised. i have no idea what's in the mirror. i took me a while to figure it out but i have accepted that i have no clue what i look like!!

Elara said...

Ha, I enjoyed the headline PAGING DR. OBVIOUS. Actually I think I have a decent grasp of my body image, just a poor ideal and destructive goals.

MadelinaCooke said...

Yeah, it's really weird.I mean, I feel like I look the same even though I'm about 20kgs lighter :/ Dammit!


Emily said...

omg Madelina me too!

I am almost 140 lbs but I still feel like a very fat 170! My only consolation is seeing the very few pictures I had taken at 170 and noticing a difference. But without that comparison...I feel exactly the same. Especially my big. fat. ass.


tracy said...

On the scale, i guess i am not REALLY, REALLY fat. Low BMI. But in the mirror...FATFATFAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!