20 November 2010


yesterday's eats
b. coffee
l. 1/2 chx sandwich + coke zero
d. 1,000+

today's plan
b. leftovers
l. coffee
d. hopefully just drinks + dancing

The hot teacher date was wonderful. We met at 6 for drinks, he was funny and sweet, it really was a great date. We ended up talking until 10 and forgot to eat dinner. Great night + only 500 calories of beer = WIN! Despite him being hot, funny & easy to talk to I really didn't really feel chemistry or a connection with him, it was like more like hanging out with an old friend - comfortable & fun, but he must have felt something because he already called & asked me out again! :) I'm hoping plans work out tonight & I'll be able to go out to the club with him.

Thursday's date was followed by the worst date ever last night. The guy was an old friend/ex and he thinks he (still) loves me. I'm not even sure why I went, I don't need boys loving me. In college he was fun to be around, but now he is just depressing. He complained the whole way to dinner about not having any money and how slow his job was. He bitched throughout the meal how much his last girlfriend sucked, the meal was free (compliments of his brother the GM) but he only left the server a $10 tip (our check was easily over $50). He is too focused on the negative and I really don't need that around me again, so I'm done with that kid...plus his car was a piece of shit, seriously, I thought it was going to break down on the way to dinner.

oh, btw - best anonymous comment ever! You're right, he did win the lottery - I will absolutely let him do all of the driving.


Mich said...

Glad you had a good time on the hot teacher date! The other date sounds like a bummer. You don't need that kind of negativity!

Anonymous said...

what's cool after you get separated or go through a divorce is that you know exactly what you want and don't want. you have learned your lessons and refuse to settle so the next time around you will be with the right person. you sound like you are in a good place. ready to date but not desperate to find a man either. enjoy!