04 November 2010


Sure wish I hadn't found a scale to hop on yesterday...ick, 142 again...

I will try to remind myself how much worse it would be if I was living with E still.

I am happy to be on my own, I need to focus more on that and other positives rather than the failure of my marriage - because really how much bigger of a fail could my life have been if I had chosen to stay?!

eats today...

b.120, toast+tofu
s. 70, banana
l. 200, taco
s. 50, apple
s. 90, granola bar
d. 200,vegan corndog+broccoli

My birthday is Friday, and I have big plans to get dressed up and get drunk. I just have to convince myself that 142 isn't too fat to go outside...


Mich said...

Did great today!! Hope you have an awesome time on Friday for your birthday. You deserve to just let go and have a blast!

v. said...

just in case you don't manage to convince yourself, i'll attempt to convince you: one hundred and forty two, is just a number. a number that will dwindle. you're a beautiful person. a strong person. you deserve to go outside on your birthday! and besides, one hundred and forty two is definitely not fat!
x xx, v

zette said...

oh kelly. please don't use the scale as a weapon. 142 is better than 143, you know. &your marriage didn't work out the way it should have so i'm proud of you for recognizing that instead of staying&whining about it like you could have. i want broccoli now....have fun on your birthday, darling&stay strong.

tracy said...

Congrats on your freedom and bravery and happy birthday to another scorp!


PS Believe me, i definately know the feeling! Party, girl!

Emry said...

I agree you should focus on the positive of being on your own. It might be hard now, but it will get easier & it sounds like you are better off being out of that environment. <3

Anonymous said...

get out there and celebrate! You actually have something to be proud of. You have done something so major this year and you deserve to celebrate that. It'll get better over time. It always does one way or another.

Ophelia said...

Hey darling, sorry I haven't commented in so long.
You know, you are an inspiration - well at least you are to me.
You've been through the worst, I don't know how I'd cope... I mean, I don't cope as I am now...

I love that you are a girl with plans, great plans, and never forget that I am part of the team supporting you.

you're gonna make it

Love ophelia xx

Raynay said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Girl you best enjoy yourself. Even if you just curl up on the couch with a mug of hot tea and a movie, its your day. Much love, gorgeous!

Piglet said...

Happy early birthday! Go out and enjoy it....start fresh on Saturday, or Monday!