29 November 2010


+ 3lbs - I blame booze

fucking beer - when will I learn that captain morgan's & whiskey are much better choices for my waist line?

Speaking of road blocks on my weight loss goals - Mr teacher man wants me to join him and some friends in the mountains this weekend. Guess what is involved? Lots of food & drinking. Fuck, I want to go, but I hate being fat.

Guess I'm starving all week in preparation for another weekend of over indulging.

b. 1/2 oatmeal + adderall
l. 1/2 'chx' sandwich
d. edamame

& I have a prescription for adderall, I'm sort of ADD - I just amp up the symptoms for the Dr.


Emry said...

Edamame is so yummy! And I love adderall, although it's been many years since I had any & it was only a few times & obviously not mine, lol.

Miana said...

good luck hun, i know you can do it! :D
hey, at least you'll probably be burning calories if you're going to the mountains, right?

tracy said...

Hee, very smart for the doc!
i always laugh at the word "edamame"....it's soybeans people! :)

Have fun with the teach, sounds like a winner!

Raynay said...

Glad you are enjoying yourself!

Mich said...

That's the best way to go with doctors. If you don't heinously exaggerate, you won't get proper treatment/drugs. :D

Even with the food and drink, I think you should definitely go to the mountains! That sounds so fun. And are you camping? You can always use the "I don't eat wilderness food" excuse, or pretend something made you ill...