27 November 2010


Hot Teacher and I went out 3 nights this week (& fell into bed) and even better last night was the best date I have ever had.

We met early in the afternoon to go to an art museum and spent a few hours wandering around together. He was the perfect guy for me to go with, we gave each other space to look and would randomly share/discuss when there was a particular piece we enjoyed. From there we went to a new sushi place in town and had a delicious dinner (seriously delicious, I'm tempted to stop by and pick up dinner tonight for myself). Then a friend of mine called and invited us to go see a local band , but the concert didn't start until 10 & since we had a few hours to kill we went back to his place and ... an amazingly fun time was had & then again after the concert...

Probably helps that all of the things we did were things I hated doing with E or things he refused to do. Hot Teacher is so fun & happy, it is a wonderful change of energy to have around me.

We also had 'the talk' about what we wanted from the relationship. I let him say what his intentions were first (that way he couldn't just agree with what I said I wanted) and lucky for me we agree we want to continue seeing each other, but neither of us is looking for a committed relationship - we just want to have fun with each other while the fun lasts. yay!

Hope (for the American readers) that you made it through Thanksgiving without huge tragedy, I think I did alright, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the damage.


Lilah Lee said...

Awww yay :) so glad that you are happy now!!! It sounds like you're havin such a great time!!!

amy said...

this guy sounds great! i'm glad you're having such a fun time

Alice D said...

i am so sorry for not commenting lately. but now that my college has broken into holidays, i can comment more! this guy sounds amazing. i hope you have heaps of fun!