22 November 2010


I can do a handstand!

...almost - Ok, I know that is random since I haven't been talking about exercise at all lately, but I bought this yoga book over a month ago and I love it! the book is full of pictures & explanations of how to do poses and then has a section where they layout a series (each takes about 15 minutes) that will help you achieve specific results, like toning, anxiety relief, improved memory, clearer skin, better orgasms, etc. One of my favorites is the set for confidence, it ends with a handstand and I have been trying to do it away from the wall for about a week now and I am almost there! I was so excited yesterday I squealed as soon as I was able to raise my feet together, and then of course, I promptly fell over.

I still claim success.

b. 1/2 donut
l. coffee+ leftover pasta
d. 2 beers

b. adderall + V8
l. 1/2 quesadilla
d. stir fry veggie + rice


~Nessa~ said...

I don't think I've ever done a handstand, not even as a child. The feeling of being upside down was always too freaky to me.

Anonymous said...

former gymnast here. handstands since age 10. can't imagine just trying to learn one though so sounds like you are doing AWESOME!! it takes a lot of strength.

Lilah Lee said...

haha nice job! I want to do one :)

MadelinaCooke said...

That's so cool! Yoga is amazing, but I haven't done it in ages :S

Love love!

Mich said...

Woooot for doing a handstand!! I could never do those. I'll have to get that yoga book. In the yoga class I took a few years ago, I leaned how to fold myself in half. I couldn't unfold myself, tho...

tracy said...

Gotta love the Adderall and V8 combo! :)

tracy said...

When i read about you doing a handstand, it reminded me of the showtime series "The Big C". It's lovely! Promo on Youtube.