18 November 2010


yesterday's eats:
b. fruit loops
l. 1/2 veg. burrito
d. 1 beer

today's plan:
b. 1/2 waffle+oj
l. sparkling water
d. drinks+?

Drinks (& maybe dinner) with the hot teacher tonight, kind of funny that I'm dressed like a nerdy librarian today...

Oooh & I went ahead and made plans to meet Tom (the 42 yrold) Monday for a 'sleepover' - makes me giggle that I'm making plans for an out of town date like this, but I feel it's what I need right now - great sex with no commitment. He lives 2+ hours away & although I offered to meet him halfway, he said he will drive the majority - what a gentleman, right? no, I kid, I kid, but at least if I only drive 30 minutes to see him I'm not obligated to actually stay the night if I don't want to.


Vanessa said...

I'm so happy for you, Kelly. It's great to see that you're out there enjoying life! Don't let anybody hold you down. And be careful on your trip. :)


b. said...

Hooray for hot teacher date!! You're so smart to save the calories for tonight. I want to hear all about it!! :-]

And I'm glad you can enjoy some Tom sleepover, but please be careful! I would never want you to get emotionally involved and hurt.

(and thanks for the comment :-])

Stay strong and beautiful,

Mich said...

Ooo hot teacher! Better give us all the hot details in your next post. ;D


Gina said...

Grown-up sleepovers are awesome! Older men are so much fun. So are younger ones but for different reasons. *lecherous giggle*

Anonymous said...

No matter how you slice it, you are 27 and he is 42. He thinks/knows he won the lottery. Let him do the driving etc. Seriously. Voice of experience.

Ophelia said...

Awww these posts make me happy! I'm so glad your friends feel like they have old Kelly back and that things are going in a positive direction! You're such a fighter, I love it.

Want to hear all the gossip about your date with the hot teacher and Tom in your next post please - You go girl!
Ophelia xx

Emily said...

Yay, have fun! Hopefully you're "hot for teacher"!