14 December 2010


Yes, the previous post was a positive reaction to the # on the scale - I was just in shock & still am because it's the Holiday season and I'm not tipping the scale over 140. Crazy good.

tracy! That quote from the C word is my favorite thing ever!! & I definitely feel like I'm getting my weird back :)

Not much to say, kind of busy at work organizing things for the end of the year and my departure! but I just have to share a picture from my weekend with the teacher since I can't post it on facebook (you know, with all the inlaws & mutual friends the ex & I share, it's a little too soon...)


Moonlight Mistress (formerly Piglet) said...

What a cute picture...and what a hot guy!

You're so beautiful, inside an out!!!

Anonymous said...

He's a hottie! You look great. You will be in the 120's before you know it. I can still remember how awesome busting into the 120's was.

zette said...

cheers for not climbing up to 140. that's great. as for the picture, ooh la la. you have perfect teeth&eyebrows. a little jealous of those things&of the snow. stay strong, little lady.
p.s. your comment really did make my morning better.

~Nessa~ said...

Oooooo. :D Lovely to see you smile.

K said...

looks so cold!!!! and y'all look so cute!

tracy said...

Oh, hottie, hottie, hottie! And, you lady are beautiful!