02 December 2010


Let's see...

Monday: restrict, yay!
Tuesday: b/p, boo
Wednesday: coffee, yay!
Thursday: more coffee, yay!
Friday: alcohol+food, boo
Saturday: skip full meals with the excuse of hangover/unruly stomach, yay!
Sunday: coffee, yay!

5 out of 7? not bad...well hopefully I will follow through with the weekend.

Scale is still at 135 - I'll take it and fuck if I'm letting it go back up to 140 again. I reevaluated the weekend and aside from the terrifying fact that I have to wear a bathing suit this weekend there are ways around the other negatives.

Although they came up with a menu and have the meals planned for everyone it just dawned on me that just because they are serving 17 items for dinner doesn't mean I have to eat all 17 (yes, I'm a little slow...what? the panic set in, I couldn't think clearly...) I'm hoping they just assume I'm a picky eater when all I put on my plate are veggies & fruit & I picked up a ton of coke zero & captain for the weekend, no beer for me because as much as I love it the (60 additional calories per drink)+ (bloating factor) = not worth it.

Also, teacher (I kind of feel like a creeper calling him that, but I always had a thing for my hot male teachers growing up, so it's also kind of fun...) promised we'd go hiking, & I looked up the trail to the pond/lake and it's 2+ miles away from the house. And since I do love a good trail run, I am going to pack my running shoes/clothes, but there is no guarantee on it actually happening because sometimes I'm huge ol' pansy when it's cold outside. I figure at least I'll get in a little hike for exercise but, I'm really hoping I'll want to appear all badass in front of everyone and that will be enough motivation to get out in the cold and run.

*can you tell I've had too much coffee??


tracy said...

You rock, girl!

i know the weekend with Teacher Man will be a blast...i'm so envious!

i, too, had crushes on many teachers! ;)

tracy said...

"Coffee, coffee, coffee!!!"

Loralie Gilmore

Mich said...

Sounds like you're going to have an awesome weekend. Hope you find the motivation to go for that hike/run. Just remember--even if it's cold, you'll be warm from running after like 5 minutes, so you'll be ok. :D


Hempchick said...

Yay for Coffee!!