09 December 2010


I weighed in fully dressed - boots, pea coat, everything...134


My ex and I are currently sharing custody of our son, kind of a 50/50 setup, which means I have him for 3(or4) days and then I'm 'off' for 3(or4) days a week. & let me just say not only is this is doing wonders for my waistline, since I only eat what my son eats when we're together and then I barely eat when he is away, but it also allows me some free time.

This past weekend I was able to go to the mountains with the teacher - it was beautiful, it snowed, we drank, had a snowball fight, laughed and (of course) rolled around in the sheets. I realize I'm on the rebound, but this guy is pretty amazing. I'm happy he came into my life because no matter how short or 'relationship' is, at least now I know how a man should treat me.

Ooooh & I return to school soon! I start taking courses in January - Calculus & Physics (because I have to meet some general education requirements) and then in the fall I'll start my masters in Chemistry. Holy shit, I can't believe I'm going back to school - now all I want to do is go buy a backpack & some pencils!


Anonymous said...

total awesomeness that you didn't gain weight over you long weekend. That's the best. You have got to be smart to get any kind of degree in Chemistry let a lone a master's.

Raynay said...


K said...

yayyyy so happy for you!

désespérée de maigrir said...

I have been reading your blog for ages (wayyyy longer than before I even had a blogger account) and I am incredibly happy to see that things are turning out so well for you. You totally deserve it. 134 with all of your clothes on and everything! Congratulations!!! I'm sure school is going to be great too :)