23 December 2010


ahhh! 136 - fuck, I blame oj

I can feel a cold coming on and I think I've consumed 3 gallons of orange juice in the last two days. My formula for fighting off a cold fast is ridiculous amounts of oj, tons of water, at least 2 scalding hot showers/baths a day and yoga (mostly child's pose, reduces congestion, and corpse pose for relaxation). It almost always works for me & I'll only suffer from cold symptoms for 4 days. Which means Sunday I should be feeling back to normal....or I'm going to be pissed my free week of vacation (since the office is closed, but I still get paid, yay!) will be wasted feeling like shit.

I had the tattoo done before I moved out of the 'marital home', so late September I think? maybe October. I love it and am so happy I finally took a picture to show all of you.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! or a Happy Hanukkah! or a Happy Kwanzaa! or a Merry Solstice! or whatever it is you may celebrate this time of year!


Moonlight Mistress (formerly Piglet) said...

It seems like I always puff up a bit when I have a cold even if I'm 100% good.

I wouldn't worry. Once you're feeling better, that number will go down, down, down! You're doing so well!! I'm jealous.

Behind the Fat said...

Yah, you ar doing really well!
When ever I get sick, I sleeeeeeeeeppppp, loads. And I get better in like a day. So try that, it might work :) if you can afford to sleep that much lol..

désespérée de maigrir said...

Your tattoo is stunning, by the way! You're still doing really well, and your body needs some nutrition to fight its way back to health. Never fear! Have a great gain-free holiday!

Maria said...

Zinc lozenges work wonders w/the OJ and water . Feel better , Happy Christmas !

tracy said...

Oh, damn, i've gained too...we WILL lose it! Hope you feel better soon and at least you gained it on something healthy!

Anonymous said...

My combination is eating something with tons of garlic and ginger and driking green tea with honey. It usually helps.

I think most of us gained this holidays. It is now to New Year that we have to be good.

Take care now

Mich said...

Hope you stopped that cold in its tracks. Why is it that colds always attack on your days off?