12 October 2010


I guess it really shouldn't have surprised me that gut wrenching nausea would be my physical reaction to overwhelming emotions - obviously the b/p cycle started somewhere.

Right now, I have no desire to start that cycle up again. I want to know I can deal with life as it comes at me without having to hide in the bathroom.

I feel strong enough.

More importantly, I'm aware of the love and support that will help me get through the days I don't feel very strong at all.

10/12/10: 550 calories


lovelybones said...

I'm happy you've realized this, because you are strong enough to deal with life without this addiction. I hope everything with your husband and yourself living under the same roof has been going alright and you get all this figured out real soon. xoxox

sarah said...

good to remind yourself of your support systems - including all your blog girls - always reading :]

b/p is so completely draining, better to decide you are going to have one treat, choose your favourite & enjoy it.

i hope that the nausea subsides now that you are aware of the emotions that are causing it, & that you can take a moment to assess them.

hope & love, sarah x

Almost.Skinny said...

Emotions can play havoc with your body but you have the power to stay away from the never ending cycle. It's not worth starting it up again- you deserve better. You deserve to feel your best!! Stay strong! xxx

amy said...

it's scary sometimes how closely our emotional and physical stresses are connected. i'm glad you feel strong and hope you can get through this. xx

margg. said...

emotions are shit.
they put us through all sorts of nonsense sometimes.

you are strong, and you will get though this.

tracy said...

i truly admire your strenght through this awful, emotionally charged time.

Can you send me a little?