20 October 2010


do you have $2,500.00?

'cause I sure don't

but I do feel like I'm in college again - 'Hey mom? Can I borrow some money?....'

moving day is the 27th

have to get the money to the lawyer by the 25th, so he can file papers by the 28th

yay! I'm so fucking close I can taste freedom :)


lovelybones said...

so proud girl.

Mia H said...

poor you! god, its crazy how much we have to pay these days just for a little bit of freedom, isnt it?

amy said...

so exciting!!! x

Mich said...

Ugh lawyers are so expensive! But yay for moving day!! Good luck with the move. xoxo

Emry said...

I have much, much, much less than that. Stupid being unemployed. But I am glad you are moving closer to freedom, yay!

Anonymous said...

yaaay :D