05 October 2010


Still bloated - fuck this stress, I'm seriously over it - can't it be November already and can't I just start living my life and be done with all the planning and complicated shit?

I stayed up until 2am because I couldn't fall asleep next to the husband and the dog wouldn't let me have the couch to myself.

I'm tired, I have a headache, I'm hungry and in a shitty mood today.

I'm really anxious about meeting the lawyer - I don't know what I'll do if he tells me I have to settle legal matters before I can move out because you know that could take months. It would absolutely break me down, the only thing keeping me going right now is the light at the end of the tunnel - Nov 1.

My birthday is the following Friday and my birthday present will be settling into my own apartment.

It just has to be.


lovelybones said...

I always thought you could move out whenever you felt like it. Divorce can take a while, but I know people who have been "seperated" for years, have new boyfriends and girlfriends but are still technically married because both parties didn't both with the paperwork. But what do I know lol, I'm barely 19.

Don't be too stressed, you can do this all. You're strong beyond belief.

zette said...

you must like the dog alot to not just shove it off. sorry you're still stressed but i imagine that will last a little while. a friend of mine just got her divorce finalized a week ago&her husband moved out months ago. so you should be able to get your own place while you tear everything in half. i'm told the hardest part is the first part, deciding on it. so maybe from here forward things will look up. you deserve it for sure. stay strong, darling.

Mich said...

I love how we just let our pets take the best seats. Right now for example, I am teetering on the edge of the desk chair because kitty is asleep on it.

Are you in the US? You can move out whenever you want and it won't affect the legal proceedings. I'm really only familiar with NY and NJ family law, but I think a lot of the basic stuff is the same nationwide. I'm here if you need any legal/emotional support!! I was a legal secretary before I got laid off, and we handled almost all divorce and custody cases. And I did all the work, except for actually going to court... :/

Hang in there, luv!

Emry said...

My friend just got her divorce finalized a week ago. It had been started back in late fall I think. At first they were doing something where whoever had the kids stayed in the home (I forget what the term is she said is used) but only because she couldn't afford to get her own place. Once she could (in Feb), she officially moved out & both of them were already dating other people.

I hope you get some sleep & something relieves you of some stress (like good news from the lawyer).

Savory Sweet said...

Sending you positive energy, hugs, and a good night's sleep.