04 October 2010


I almost passed out in the shower,

Is it strange that I found it kind of exciting?

I decided to add protein powder to my morning drink and I picked up a coffee with soy milk in it for lunch so I'm feeling better now than I did when I woke up, which is a good thing, other than I am up 4lbs. Bodies work in odd ways sometimes, huh?


I'm meeting a lawyer Tuesday afternoon to make sure I'm leaving the 'right' way according to state law and Wednesday morning the husband and I will go to counseling together. I'm hoping the counselor helps me get through to him that I'm actually leaving and my reasons for leaving are legit, but how likely is it that he'll actually understand? slim, I know, but can you blame a girl for hoping?


MaryJane said...

Aww I'm glad you're okay! :( Hopefully the protein powder will help you avoid blacking out.

Good luck on Wednesday. I've got you on my mind and my fingers crossed for you<333

You're doing the right thing. Be strong.


Mich said...

You're doing the right thing with the counseling, whether he understands or not. He prob won't get it now because everything is so fresh, but down the road he'll probably see that your reasons are very legitimate. Just take everything one step at a time. You're strong - you can get through it!

v. said...

You're doing the right thing. And at least you're giving your husband a chance to understand, I'm not sure if he's exactly deserving of that.

haha, i find it kind of exciting too when i feel as though i'm about to pass out.... sounds weird though.

xx v

Almost.Skinny said...

Good Luck!!!
Bodies respond to stress by gaining so I'd say it'll be gone pretty soon.
I hope everything goes well! Stay strong xxx

Emry said...

I think to most people that would be strange, but to those of us who have 'abnormal' food/weight behaviors & thoughts, it's not so strange. But I hope that you are alright!

Sounds like a good idea to meet with a lawyer about leaving & hopefully counseling will help (by that, I mean help you get through to him). <3