08 October 2010


I ate a cow.

Sort of.

What a way to end a fast.

& I'm still tired, hungry and cranky.


The meeting with the lawyer went well. The ideal situation would be my husband and I agree to custody terms and sign a separation agreement before I move out, the lawyer would only charge $700 to draft & file the agreement (this would ensure the agreement will hold up in court if either of us tries to violate or dispute it). If he refuses to sign anything then I'll have to file suit against him the day I move out and our custody arrangement will be settled through court hearings (taking 3-6 months) and my lawyer said this may cost upwards of $5,000.00. The good news is that I can move out - the bad news is that I may have to beg my parents for $5,000.00+.

& the next day we went to the oh-so-fun counseling session - She is 'so impressed' with all the effort my husband is making and she suggested I work on forgiveness. Not going to happen. At the end she gave us 'homework': make & follow a chore chart. The sarcastic asshole in me wanted to give the lady a high five and say, 'yes! our marriage is saved!', but instead I just sighed and said, 'it isn't about the chores'. She still thinks I simple need to work on forgiveness instead of focusing my energy on moving out. Pffft, what the fuck does she know?

E seems to think a few days of following through with chores and dad duties is going to keep me around because when I mentioned I was planning on moving out he ignored me.

Plan is to move out Nov 1, already paid my 1st month rent.

Can't say I didn't warn him.


lovelybones said...

You've got it all figured out, good job. He's going to be sorry when he realizes what he's losing.

As for your counsellor.. wtf. She sounds like an airhead. Im happy you're focusing on your happiness now.

Raynay said...

Exactly, wtf? Apparently people get divorced because they forgot to do the dishes one too many times? Riiiight lady. She obviously doesn't grasp the severity of his mental health issues, which soon, will not have to be YOUR issues anymore. :) yay! Much love

Anonymous said...

stick to your guns! Hope you come up with an agreement so you don't have to pay all that money! Hopefully he won't be a jerk about it just to give you a hard time.

K said...

sorry you have to go through this painful process. if you need help, let me know

Ash said...

wow, good for you for not sticking around! you are so strong and brave XD

EmptyShell said...

do it up. as a person who decided to stop kicked a dead horse, congratz. Its time you do something for yourself. Stay strong.

Mich said...

Remember to always take time to breathe...

You'll get through this, and it'll probably be a big relief once you've actually moved out. You'll be able to relax a little anyway.


Anonymous said...

Go you. Counsellors can be morons. I have my fingers crossed for you, well done on being brave and doing the right thing, you are far too good for him! xx