10 September 2010


Wonderful things today:

I'm 134!!

You all are fabulous, thanks for listening to my problems and giving your input, it's appreciated more than you may ever know. My husband does take meds, but I don't think he shares enough about how he is fuctioning on his meds or his drug manager doesn't give a fuck - maybe somewhere in the middle? He refuses to find a new doctor because...well, who knows why, I just don't think this doctor has helped him make much progress over the last year and it might be time to try someone new. We all know all doctors are not created equal, there are stupid doctors out there just like there are genius mechanics running around, but I don't need to convince you.

& Zen passed an award onto me :)

things I hate
1: cocky people - you know the ones who think they are better than everyone else for absolutely no good reason
2: money - it pollutes the world because no one ever seem to have enough
3: fat - do I really need to explain why?
4: other people's kids - I find 98% of children I meet to be disrespectful, obnoxious aholes

things I love
1: large breed dogs - anything over 50lbs. I'm just not a fan of little dogs, I always think I'm going to step on them
2: rain - it washes everything clean, smells wonderful and it's fun to splash around in puddles
3: my family - we're a little fucked up since we all have issues with food and body image in one way or another, but I think we are still a pretty amazing little unit
4: flowers - not roses and not cut boquets. I love smelling them in gardens and nothing is prettier than a field of wildflowers.

& I wish I could share all the blogs I love, but here are a few I think you should swing by :)

Don't Eat Lemons


Piglet said...

Congrats on 134!!

Mich said...

Yay for 134!!

Definitely with you on the other people's kids issue. It is really not difficult to teach a child manners, especially when they're really young and their brains are like sponges.

I'm still in the market for a soul mate, so I'll totally be yours! ;D

Hope you have a great weekend, luv!

zen said...

So glad you got out there... the rain is so refreshing. I walked a couple miles as it sprinkled here. My knee is poop.

Ha! ALL kids in general are obnoxious. Luckily love is blind, or else we'd hurt em.

And as for bigger dogs, I saw a beautiful Huskey at the shelter today... crisp blue eyes. Unfortunately I cannot have one. It would eat my mini-dog as a snack.

xoxo zen

Anonymous said...

I always want to punt kick little dogs, all they do is yap yap yap. So I'm looking at your blog titles over on the side and wtf you're pretty much steadily losing weight and I'm just sitting here basking in my fatness.

you are totally my motivation to go to the gym.