01 September 2010


139 - not bad after a week of free food & family, did I mention

Colorado is gorgeous and wonderful (especially when being compared to North Carolina) and after this trip I've come to the conclusion that I have 2 options. I'm going to need my husband to a. change his mind about cold winters or b. die and then I can move there.

Obviously, if I could pick I 'd choose option a and don't think I'm the awful person in this scenario, my husband has some serious health problems for being only 26 and he's the one who keeps saying things like 'when I die you can do that'.

& my 10% paycut is temporary, but that's only because my job here is basically temporary. The company is barely bringing in enough to cover payroll each week, but luckily it's Wednesday and we just received enough cash for Friday's checks. Yay for being certain I'm getting paid!

Also, I wanted to share my monthly food budget with you all (keep in mind the groceries are mostly coke zero and food for a small child and a fat man)

groceries: $300
alcohol: $60
lunch: $10

There are a few things I find amazing about my budget, let me point them out for you...

-I am proposing to only consume $60 of booze a month, which means I'll be entering some horrible state of sobriety or I'll need to seriously downgrade to popov vodka or something equally cheap and disgusting

-I am able to plan meals (only breakfast & dinner) for a family of three at the cost of around $4 a meal

-oddly enough (or not really that odd at all) my lunch & my prescription money are one in the same because adderall is fabulous savings my wallet & my waistline

I have a feeling being poor is going to look good on me ;)


Mich said...

Being poor is awesome on your weight... :D

What part of Colorado did you visit? I'm trying to save up to go to Boulder and look at grad schools. I'm totally down with long, cold winters.

Anonymous said...

"(keep in mind the groceries are mostly coke zero and food for a small child and a fat man)"

I'm sorry but that made me laugh so hard. It's probably the fat man part at the end.

Please don't drink shitty cheap vodka, ew. Maybe you could buy $60 of something nice and drink it sparingly? You sound like a budgeting master! Being poor is always a great excuse not to go out to eat.