07 September 2010


I didn't realize it was possible to drink yourself stupid, but I think I managed to do just that over the 3 day weekend.

Unfortunately, I'm still fighting with my husband, which of course leads me to entertain the idea of leaving him (again). Yesterday I perused apartments to see if there was anything I could afford and instead of stopping by to get the tattoo placed I decided to get sloppy drunk with some friends.

Personally I think it was an excellent decision.


Gem!! said...

Drinking is awesome.
Keep doing it until you're a vegetable.
What else is there to do on weekends??
Some people just don't understand the happiness you get from drinking.


But tatttooooosss, get into it!

zen said...

Drinking with girlfriends is truly the best therapy. I couldn't keep my sanity otherwise.
Hope things get better with hubby. If not, you are tough enough to stand on your own. Keep on rocking ;)

Anonymous said...

I support being sloppy drunk as often as possible.

I'm sorry about you and your husband. I'm starting to think all relationships are just a pain in the ass.

K said...

on the plus side.. you're quite thin!