09 September 2010


liquids only day

it just seems appropriate to make up for yesterday

too bad the coffee I made this morning tastes like dirt since I only put enough water in for one cup, but enough grounds to make a whole pot...

whatever, I'm still drinking this shit

*oh, & I say my husband doesn't deserve my love because he practically spits all over it. Love may be a gift meant to be given freely, but that doesn't mean others should insult it. I just wish he valued my love and if he doesn't value my love, then why does he keep me?


tracy said...

i wish my husband valued my love. To be honest, i don't think he believes that i love him. :(

Jasmine said...

I'm only doing liquids as well, today and tomorrow.

If he doesn't value your love, why do you keep him sweetie? You deserve to feel happy and valued... not cast aside like yesterday's leftovers. *hugs* I know marital issues are hard (having lots of my own at the moment) but sometimes you need to just sit down and re-evaluate why you're in the relationship... and if it's worth fighting for. Set goals for your marriage, and if they can't be met then maybe it's time to move on.

Take care, hun... enjoy your super coffee. :)


Anonymous said...

shitty coffee
shitty husband
but amazing blog followers who love you in every way?!?

cheer up up up!

Anonymous said...

sorry your having marital troubles love...
No one should feel that their love is taken for granted..