24 September 2010


looking at the brightside...

of my husband's hoarding habits, I will be able to fully furnish an apartment when I move out.

I did a little inventory check last night:

6 chairs
5 dressers
4 coffee tables
4 beds
3 tvs
3 computers
3 couches
3 sets of utensils
2 desks
2 kitchen tables
2 unpacked sets of glasses/plates
2 sets of pots/pans

keep in mind,

this is only a list of the items I'd consider from, there's plenty more crap in the house that I don't want

& we live in a 1,400sf, 3 bedroom house

Two of the beds are stacked in the 'office', boxspring, boxspring, mattress, mattress - it's like princess & the pea, it towers over in the room. He wouldn't let me sell the extra bed after we bought a new one for the master bedroom because - well - he's a hoarder, but I can certainly appreciate the positive that it is now because I get to take them with me!


This means the only big purchase I have to make when I move into a new place would be....


Anyone? Yeah, I'm thinking I'll be pretty well stocked as is.


Emry said...

Yeah, it def sounds like you should be all set with all that to choose from!

Lola said...

This works out well for you now, but I would have been really scared living in the house with all that. I could never live with a hoarder.

Anonymous said...

My goodness. Your house must be a mess! It had to be with all that stuff. That hardly makes sense. But, it is working in your favor right now. You can have one of everything and get some home decor going if you want.

Claire said...

Damn girl You really need to leave that man.

A hoarder? That is unimaginable yucko.

I can't stand clutter, it makes me want to burn everything.

Be Kind For Everyone You Know Is Fighting A Battle said...

Thanks for the comments dear! I'm glad you get to take some stuff--even though it sucks that your husband was a hoarder. Thats hard :/
But you sound like you are doing well and I'm sure you look great!!!!!!

Shiloh Daring said...

I found when you move its never really the big stuff you forget, its just all the little things. Like a toilet plunger... lol

MaryJane said...

A gym membership! Deposit, first second and last (rent), pay to have internets and electric turned on, and $400 for the divorce (that's how much it costs in FL, at least).

Obv, I did this recently lol. I'm about to move again in November, too. Ughhhh.

But fucking score on the bright side of hoarding! Hell yeah.


Almost.Skinny said...

Here's to the silver lining! I bet your new place is going to have a totally different vibe without all the extra stuff lying around.
All the best xxx

Mia H said...

i guess your husbands hoarding addiction in the end helped you out... im glad youre thinking about it positively :D