29 September 2010


I know talk is cheap and as much as I want a fairy tale ending, I know if there is a happily ever after for me, it is not going to be with him.

I told my son about moving, I said how much his dad and I love him and how we would always love him no matter what just sometimes moms & dads need to live in different houses. I think he took the news pretty well, he even seems a little excited about having a new room. He only cried when I told him the dog wouldn't live with us and he keeps reminding me how much he'll miss the dog. It's so sad and I think it says a lot about my husband if his son cries over the dog, but doesn't cry about moving away from his dad.

I'm still looking for a preschool, but we should be moving into the apartment before the end of October.

ps - my tattoo hurts a little bit... ;) I figured since the husband won't be seeing me naked ever again I might as well go ahead with it. The feather is simple, no color and I love it. I'll post pictures as soon as it heals a little more, all the redness makes it kind of gross for now.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for you! You just did 2 HUGE things for YOURSELF! Keep it coming.

Savory Sweet said...

So I just read the backlog that you have available. I feel like I'm still missing out on huge chunks of important things in your life but I think I can piece things together from what I remember about your old posts and what I've just read.

I'm glad you go the tattoo. The hurt feels a little good though, doesn't it. It's saying, "Hi I'm here now! Don't forget!"

You are incredibly brave and one of my personal heroes. Remember that.

I can't wait to see pictures.


zette said...

damn. big steps. stay strong, little miss. can't wait to see your tattoo.


Jasmine said...

Wow! I'm so happy for you, your son, and your feather. Words cannot express how awesome and committed you are. The best of luck with everything.

Stay strong girlie, and I'm not talking about what you eat.

Mich said...

Congrats on getting the tattoo! Can't wait to see photos. Hope everything works out with your new apartment. I'm glad your son took everything well, except for being upset about the dog. Poor thing!! Hug and kiss him for all of us!

EmptyShell said...

Go for you! and don't worry too much about your son, kids are resilient and your are making such a strong decision for both your futures

lovelybones said...

You are so inspiring, I am so happy you got that tattoo. You deserve to do things for yourself. Your son will be ok, and you will too. Can't wait to see pictures of this feather!!

Piglet said...

I'm so glad you got the tattoo and I can't wait to see it!

I'm sending you so much love. You know your decision is the right one and you all will be the more happier b/c of it.

Anonymous said...


p.s. you are amazing

Leto said...

You're amazing! Good for you. I can't wait to see the tattoo I bet it's beautiful.
Maybe you could get him a new pet that lives with you? Even something small and easy to take care of.

Anonymous said...

go you!!!

Amazing. I'm very proud/happy for you. xx

Almost.Skinny said...

Good on you!!!
I'm so happy you got the tat for you :) I'm sure its beautiful and can't wait for pics!!!
I'm glad your son took it well (apart from the dog) depending on your new place maybe you could get something little and easy like fish?
I'm so proud and inspired by your strength- congratulations on taking the steps towards your happily ever after!!!

K said...


~Nessa~ said...

OooooEeeee! So excited for you! Can't wait to see the tattoo. :D

margg. said...

doing things for yourself is the most important thing.

kazehana said...

Word. If there's one thing I know for certain in my nearly 5yrs in a kindergarden classroom, it's that kids are ok so long as their parents really take the time to do what's best for them. And if he's been stressed out because of the tension between parents, the relief of not having to be stuck in the middle is probably so worth the extra things you will have to juggle.

Bon chance, lady.

Kitty said...

i'm so thrilled for you.

i left my husband in april and my sons are 3.5 and 5.5 years old.

they were sad, they cried for daddy at night at the beginning, we have 50/50 custody and they soon got used to it.

once you are free of a toxic relationship, you won't know yourself. in a few months, you'll wonder how you stayed for so long.

you just need to love your son extra hard, and cut him some slack when he is naughty for a while.

at the risk of sounding like a condescending old tart, i'm so proud of you kelly. you are young, and it's scary.

be true to yourself always. xxx